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Партнерская программа от Betsafe.com

Welcome to Betsafe.com’s Partner Pages.

Now you can earn money by driving traffic and customers to Betsafe.com. There is no risk attached, and we share all winnings with you. Joining our partner program is free of charge.

Owners of web sites
Our partner program is really user friendly. From our partner pages you can download both banners and hyperlinks. These hyperlinked banners hold a software which identifies all customers who comes to Betsafe.com directly from the advertisement on your web site. When the visitors on your site click on the Betsafe banner and start betting at Betsafe.com, the account is marked up in our system belonging to you as a Partner. This way your commission will be calculated automatically in our software. Your commission starts from when the customers places their first bet at Betsafe.com.

You have no web page, but can drive traffic in to Betsafe.com through other channels?
There is no reason to start worrying if you do not administer your own web page. You do not need your own web page to become a Betsafe Partner. In stead you can recommend Betsafe to acquaintances, friends, team mates, family and other betting colleges, and tell them to state a personal code when they register at Betsafe.com. Your personal code is the same number as your customer-id. You will then start earning money on the commission that your “references” generates (look at the table below). NOTE! If you don't have your own web page, you must send a mail to support@betsafe.com to get your partner-account activated!

Multilevel commission
Betsafe Partner programme brings the affiliate concept to a new level, not only through giving you commission on the bets that your visitors/references generates at Betsafe.com, but also giving you commission on the customers that your visitors again refer – all down to five levels!

Our philosophy is to deliver a high quality product which our customers will find likeable. If you are happy with the product recommend it to your friends. That is how easy it works. And when you recommend Betsafe.com you perform a job task for Betsafe.com, and performing a job task should of course be rewarded. Our business strategy is to reward our loyal partners and customers, who recruit new customers.

How it works
After you have logged in you will find a variety of banners under the link “banners” below. Important! To be able to log in you must register a betting account at Betsafe.com.

All you need to do, given that you already have opened up an account, is to join our partner program below. When you have joined the program you will get your own page which shows your statistics. Here you can follow the movements of the customers that you have led in to Betsafe.com. Once every month your account will be updated, and your money/earnings will be credited to your betting account.

How to join our Partner program?

Open an account at Betsafe.com and just click the "Join Betsafe partner program" at the bottom of this page. Everything is done automatically.

Why should you become a Betsafe Partner?
Since the online gaming industry saw its lights at the middle of the 1990`s the industry have exploded, and there are a large number of bookmakers out there which is interested in the traffic you can provide them.

The reason that you should choose us is the following:

We offer a tremendous gaming product, and we are the only bookie in the industry which guarantees to deliver a satisfying support to our customers. If we fail – we pay, is our simple philosophy on customer support.

We promise to do our best to appear as a service-minded and humble partner in regards to our partners. We will strive to be the best partner both when it comes to the level of service and earning potential. In addition to this we will be very interested to have a regular dialog with our partners so that we all can stake out the course towards a joint goal. We will also make the payouts to our partners as soon as possible.

This is how much you can earn:

table 1:
level commission nr. of reg bets amount your earnings in EUR
1 30.00% 10 15 000 450
2 15.00% 20 30 000 450
3 7.50% 40 60 000 450
4 3.75% 80 120 000 450
5 1.875% 160 240 000 450
total profit 2 250

The table is based on:
-average bet amount pr. customer/year is 1500 Euro
-average margin for betsafe.com 10% (net winnings)
-each referred customer refer 2 each

table 2:
level commission nr. of reg bets amount your earnings in EUR
1 30.00% 200 300 000 9 000
2 15.00% 400 600 000 9 000
3 7.50% 800 1 200 000 9 000
4 3.75% 1 600 2 400 000 9 000
5 1.875% 3 200 4 800 000 9 000
total profit 45 000

The table is based on:
-average bet amount pr. customer/year is 1500 Euro
-average margin for betsafe.com 10% (net winnings)
-each referred customer refer 2 each

Как видите из таблиц что рекламируя их сайт вы можете зарабатывать приличные деньги . Это вам не по 10 центов за клик ,а гораздо больше
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